Thursday, April 11, 2019

National Poetry Month

Those Darlins | "Why Can't I" | Single

April is National Poetry Month, which is awesome, because poetry is awesome. I encourage anyone to jot down some words, be it creative, inspirational, or therapeutic. Poetry is an amazing form of expression and reflection. Observation skills, and a patience to pay attention, can aid immensely in the effort. April 18th is, poem in your pocket day, a day meant to share poetry. The novel idea of personal interaction is waning considerably in today's today. Keep a poem with you; then all you have to do is share it, read it to someone, hopefully it's read to many someones. Enjoy poetry and let's all try and appreciate it a little more during the month of April, especially the 18th.

Throughout this month I've been posting some pretty powerful wordsmiths via the music I've chosen to highlight. The list includes Fiona Apple, Julia Jacklin and Jessi Zazu, all phenomenal writers that use words to further illuminate their music, their art. Quality songwriting is another form of poetry. These women represent the beauty of poetry through song.

I embrace poems. I too will offer up personal scribbles, images, memories, thoughts and emotions. Take from them what you will. The final piece of poetry's puzzle is to share them...



Ps. This is a 1 week warning, have a poem in your pocket April 18th. Poems soon to follow.

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