Thursday, January 5, 2017

PUBlication: Accumulated Knowledge

Accumulated Knowledge IPA
Modern Times is straight crushing it. Their marketing/ad team is, in my opinion, the best of the burgeoning breweries. But advertising only gets you so far. The beer is top-notch too. I've found that they're willing to take chances, to invent, helping them to stand out in a crowded craft beer world. Accumulated Knowledge is a dank, juicy IPA that hybridizes the murky, unfiltered appearance of east coast IPA's and marries it to the characteristics one expects out west.

Accumulated Knowledge smelled fruity when I opened the 22. Surprising it pours like pineapple juice, clouding the glass, almost opaque. A doughy head forms atop the nectar. A mix of fruit-like forwardness and subtle bitter greens (think arugula or dandelion), make this a super drinkable special release. I thought the tasting profile presented new flavors; I wanted more. Find this beer and drink it fresh. Enjoy responsibly. 6.2% | 65 IBU


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