Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Halfway in the NBA

NBA Midseason Report
Where has the time gone? It's 2017, duh, and the NBA's regular season is pretty much at its halfway point. Most teams have played roughly 40 games at the time I was typing this. Before the start of the NBA calendar I made predictions as to which teams would end up in the top eight spots from each conference. Reviewing those selections is an obvious way to see how my potential playoffs seeds look. I'll also discuss some other NBA topics; who doesn't love the Association? Don't answer that...

In the East I had:
1. Cavs 2. Raptors 3. Celtics 4. Hornets 5. Pistons 6. Pacers 7. Knicks 8. Bucks
In reality the standings look like this...
1. Cavs 2. Raptors 3. Celtics 4. Hawks 5. Pacers 6. Wizards 7. Bucks 8. Hornets

Out West I had:
1. Warriors 2. Spurs 3. Clippers 4. Blazers 5. Jazz 6. Grizzlies 7. Thunder 8. Wolves (ouch)
In reality the standings look like this...
1. Warriors 2. Spurs 3. Rockets 4. Clippers 5. Grizzlies 6. Jazz 7. Thunder 8. Blazers

...So, I hit the top two teams from each conference (not the toughest call). I also had the Celtics in the right place. The Knicks are turning into the dumpster fire I feared they would. Derrick Rose went AWOL and lacked every shred of professionalism. I hope Darth Triangle buys Rose out like SVG did to Josh Smith in Detroit. Rose isn't worth the coin whatsoever. He may also not be capable, both on and off the court. The Pistons and the Dumpster Fires are two teams I had in, who are currently out, which probably won't change. Six of the squads I picked in the East would be in the playoffs. Regardless of seeding, does it really matter after the Celtics? My apologies to the Hawks and Wizards. The ATL was shedding contracts; they definitely helped an in-conference foe, now they seem reluctant to trade Millsap. We'll see what else shakes out leading up to the trade deadline on February 23rd. John Wall is the engine that drives it in the District. The best players find ways to push their team into the playoffs.

If you were betting with me, the West looks pretty solid. I obviously underestimated the revamped Houston Rockets. Holy Shit does James Harden look good in his new offense with systematic position players Eric Gordon and Ryan Anderson. It's The Beard or Westbrook for MVP at this point—you can always put LeBron in the conversation as well. I was way to over-zealous on the Wolves, sheesh, they just rip your soul out if you're a fan. I'm actually fearful that Thibodeau's personality and continuous barking is not what the young guys in Minneapolis need/want/respond to. Maybe the Wolves will be players in the trade-market (Rubio anyone?). Portland might need to make a move too. Other than my exclusion of Houston and my T'Wolves inclusion, I'm doing pretty well out West. The playoffs are going to be awesome on this side of the bracket.

I'll dish on some hoops throughout the rest of the season, including some college hoop nuggets along the way. Before the start of the playoffs I'll review the standings one last time. Until then, only in the NBA.


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