Sunday, December 16, 2012

lulo hosts Niki Ulehla

thank you to gallery lulo in healdsburg for hosting an entertaining art display created by niki ulehla. i may have thought of it as an installation, yet i prefer the artist's description, a silent shadow performance. regardless of the dreary night, the images made me smile, think, & most of all, brought me a sense of belonging. i crave these sorts of artistic happenings to unfold & thankfully i was privy to this one. "the short days and early nights of autumn facilitate" these types of "dreamlike magical tales." with the use of found objects and some handy action figures that were reconfigured, the jovial and otherworldly creations sprang off the window of the gallery. sweet use of an overhead projector; it reminded me of the choreographed art for the 'look at what the light did now' tour by feist. thank you to the gallery and the artist, i had such a fun night. i was also impressed by the turn-out. nice job of supporting art people, free art. mad props to agent M for keeping me in the dark on this one until arrival. did i mention the hot cocoa?

i whole-heartedly respect artists and the risks they take to add greater depth to our world. we should all be participants. those projected silhouettes really added to my night. thanks, this is how i want local events to feel. what a night...


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