Sunday, October 9, 2011

Past the Mid Point...

hello, to those still tuning in... thanks!

we're already more than half way through the calendar year, whew. did it fly by for anyone else? i'm pretty much swamped most days, as many of us are, who work the normal grind & still find time to be creative and/or adventurous. in short, don't be lazy. we all try to do what we love doing amidst the perils of daily life. i know it's hard to apply our time to those things we love to do, but there's a void that i feel amongst more spirits than just my own. people want more out of life. i do not mean the accrual of material possessions or other like amenities. i'm thinking about all of the creativity that's out there in the working world, sometimes being left untapped, other times it's going unnoticed. you are not alone (not sure if that's a good thing or not). those of us who are giving 8 hours a day to someone/thing else, aspire for more. there are a lot of ideas out there in the minds of those in their 30's or under. we have potentials beyond comprehension. we're just not all in the right position, place or state of mind to carry out our truest passions. there is so much to consume in this modern world. it's probably crazy, exciting times for all of us. ultimately i'm just stoked to be involved & alive. either you're perpetuating a problem, or you're a part of the solution. keep it up those who dream, they do come true.

here's a little west sonoma county for your viewing pleasure...

ps. in the very near future i will be getting back to reviewing live music & other northern california happenings. thanks for sticking with me. happy fall!

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