Saturday, September 12, 2020

Brew Detective | Beachwood | Amalgamator IPA

The name may be a mouthful but the proof is in there. Beechwood's Amalgamator is an IPA for those of us who want transparency in body. The blending of ingredients inside of this ale, is an artistic path to the notes we smell and taste. Doughy foam sits noticeably atop the ale. Carbonation is initially hidden, but apparent in mouth feel. Earthy garden vibes are at the forefront of tasting, reminiscent of leafy greens. Amalgamator IPA is light enough to crush and refreshing, a great summer beer. I recommend picking some up if given the opportunity. Enjoy craft beer responsibly.

This post was written before the disastrous fires were raging along the west coast. As a Pacific resident my heart aches. I'm saddened and nervous. Thoughts and blessings to all who are dealing with these catastrophic events. Human induced climate change has to be taken seriously. So too does our collective interaction with Mother Earth and our treatment of the natural world. She doesn't need us, but we sure as shit need Her. A global pandemic, social and civil unrest (everywhere, but especially in Portland), and the most destructive fires perhaps of all time, are an almost fictional narrative of an impending apocalypse. This 2020 layer cake of stress is very real and it has me thinking about a lot of things. Be KIND and Stay Safe!

Do The Right Thing (Spike Lee),

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