Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Brew Detective: Ex Novo | Panacea Pale

Ex Novo has us Jones'n for fresh cans. My partner in crime and I have been stoked on the heady releases we're able to still enjoy while physically distancing. Hitting up Ex Novo for Detroit-style pizza and some oat sodas is rewarding. We're all about the delicious Panacea Pale Ale (6%). Recently we enjoyed a cold pint and recorded our tasting notes at the community garden as we strolled with the sun as our guide. 

A bubbly carnival with light fruity indulgence kicked off Agent M's senses. She noted how drinkable it was without being too hoppy. "Delicious" and "new spring favorite," high praise from a formidable beer fan.

Whiffs of apricot and subtle malt hit my nose first. Good foam rises to the top creating lasting legs drink after drink. A slipperiness mingles with the effervescent body. Slight bitterness registers late in tasting, however it's absent in the aroma. Panacea Pale Ale goes beyond taste, it involves all of your senses.

This single hop pale ale is brewed with HBC 692, an experimental hop that the brewer calls, "pretty awesome." I'd have to agree, this beer is too legit to quit. Ex Novo will deliver craft beer to your door if you live in Portland, how cool is that? We could all use some good libations. Support local brewers during these difficult times if possible. Helping independent businesses is more important than ever. Enjoy craft beer respectfully.

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