Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Ode To George Carlin | National Poetry Month

Ode to George Carlin |

Value's been destabilized.
Value's become Orwellian.

Who's getting good value?
Wealthy elites lacking elite qualities, wall street hacks, new tech industries, old dirty energy, outdated mass-passenger transportation, unneeded military-industrial complexes and DC politicians, that's who. Silver spoons getting repeatedly bailed out by tax money for financial failures and environmental atrocities is also good value.

This capitalism is false, a false god.
More, more, more, growth, growth, growth...
survival of the richest.
So rich. Too rich to fail.
Rich inheritance, but no inherent risk.

Money is not math.
Money is generated, printed and unequally distributed. 
Money hoards and monopolizes.
Math is proven.
Math has truth.
Values are being pummeled by profit.
Real hustle is losing to getting hustled.

What do you value?
Do you care?
Care? Who cares?
Do you do good work?
Is there give and take?
Or do you only take?

Value's not Salary.
Salary's just a figure.
A byproduct.
A finished product.
Clock in. Clocked out.
Out of time.
Collecting a paycheck —

Where's the value in that?

- J.J.H.

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