Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Brew Detective: Fields of Green | Crosby Comet

Astoria's Fort George is helping to expand my appreciation of hops. The vehicle is Fields of Green, an IPA centered around a singular hop. This time it's Crosby Comet. Freshness can make all the difference and this particular pint was canned on September 30, mmm freshies. 

Succulent flits of mango ring out first, slightly muted but incredibly refreshing. I'm amazed by the carbonation considering how thick this IPA appears once poured. Dough-like foam develops overhead. Subtle acidity clings to the palatable brew. Hints of leafy agriculture unfold with each drink. If you typically vibe on notes of bitterness, this may be a bit subdued. 

Look for Fort George wherever you find craft beer. I eagerly await the next highlighted hop from the Fields of Green. Enjoy responsibly.

Fields of Green | Crosby Comet | 7.6%


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