Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Brew Detective: Little Beast | Wolf Camp

Little Beast Brewing in Portland is a favorite of mine, rarely do I find myself at their taproom. They possess a cool, minimal aesthetic, and craft tasty beer. I highly recommend grabbing a Little Beast offering. As for the findings on the following information, I need to thank Agent M for scoring a can of Wolf Camp. Say it again, just because it's cool, Wolf Camp.

This hoppy saison held a very subtle nose early on. Wolf Camp was oddly lacking the Ag-centric notes I was expecting. A nice foamy head forms atop the see-through straw-yellow liquid. Bubble gum aromas became noticeable after pouring. Wolf Camp jabs softly in lieu of a hop-heavy punch. The initial carbonation gets muddled along the way. It's light, slippery and has bubble gum notes, a narrative fit for a K├Âlsch. Interesting to say the least. Enjoy responsibly.

Wolf Camp | Hoppy Saison | 6.2% | Little Beast Brewing


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