Monday, June 3, 2019

Brew Detective: Heater Allen Pils

The Pils by Heater Allen is probably the best pilsner I've had since moving to Oregon. The benchmark for me has always been Trumer. Another stalwart is Russian River's STS Pils. North Coast's Scrimshaw is also a credible choice. Now that I've listed a few of my all-time faves along the left coast, it's time to add Heater Allen to the group. My first experience with Heater was at the fantastic Navarre on NE 28th, just off the corner of Burnside (get their potatoes gratin!). 

The clarity is topnotch, as is the crispness. Perfect carbonation adds to both the look and taste. As I've mentioned in the past, carbonation is a vital component to craft beer, decidedly so when dealing with certain types. This pilsner takes its cues from the Czech Republic; It's unfiltered, so the time it takes from brewing to bottling is a bit longer than most. The balance between malt and hop is fantastic. Each characteristic shows through within the golden hue of this delicious pilsner. Look for Heater Allen on tap or in the bottle. Cheers.

Heater Allen Pils | 5.2% | 36 IBU


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