Thursday, April 18, 2019

Brew Detective: Skies of Wonder

Fort George is damn near batting a thousand. Next up on the Brew Detective radar is Skies of Wonder, an imperial IPA that registers in at 8.7% and doesn't disappoint. Pop the pint can, and pow! Tropical smells blast your senses, there's a super slight cherry vibe too. It's tasty.

The thick haze barely creates a head before dissipating. It does leave some serious legs however. Regardless of its hazy character, it packs a bitter punch. The smell and look do not match the taste (for all of you juice-forward hazy fans), and I'm OK with that. It's unfiltered, so be on the watch when you near the bottom of the can. Skies of Wonder is available year-round, so take 'em slow.

Enjoy responsibly, 


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