Friday, December 28, 2018

The BESTY's 2018

Tis the season to be BESTY, the longest running snapshot of live entertain that's worth noting is back by lack of popular demand. I really dig thinking back on good times, lucky I guess. Participating in public settings and shared experiences can exhilarate. I've said many times that I want music to make me think, make me dance or inspire me. Witnessing art can often make you feel part of it; creative power has endurance. 

I'm surprised by artists that I'm familiar with who continue to impress, other times I realize I've moved on. Whereas artists or performances that are new-to-me have that unique, first opportunity to impress. I'm not sure which form of expectation is the tougher to fill. What I do know is, it's awesome to be wowed by anybody. So that's where I've come to reside in terms of opinion; I want to be impressed, wowed, inspired, allowed to feel free and dance uninhibited. To all the fun and culturally relevant events, thank you. The BESTY's are...

STS9 | 12.31.17 | The Warfield

Kimock & Mathis * | 02.03.18 | Sweetwater | A Love Supreme & Meditations

Built to Spill * | 02.20.18 | The Fillmore | Keep It Like A Secret | Noise Pop

Jeff Tweedy * | St. Paul & The Broken Bones | 04.21.18|  High Water | Charleston, SC

Valerie June * | Tank & The Bangas * | 04.22.18 | High Water | Charleston, SC

LCD Soundsystem * | TV on the Radio | 04.29.18 | The Greek

Kimock & Leslie Mendelson | 06.17.18 | The Reel | Sonoma

Rocket vs. Warriors | Game 4 Western Conference Finals  | 05.22.18 | Oracle 

Best Restaurant Meals of the Year: The Rarebit in Charleston | Little Jacks in Charleston | Red Fish in Port Orford (x2) | Diavola in Geyserville (x2)

Happy Holidays | eightychoices.



  1. I always look forward to your BESTY's lineup. And I'm lucky to say that I participated in most of these events with my favorite person, eightychoices!

  2. Hi, your cousin Heather, glad Molly posted your blog on Facebook. Didn't know you did this? This is Awesome. I not sure if you know i started painting art for a hobby, its turned into a part time job for me.. Id be interested in seeing the kind of Art you like?? I have an Instagram account where i post all my art, check it out. heatherann1273. Hope all is well with you.. Love you... Have a great New year.

    1. Hey Cuz, I've been following you on iG for a bit now, love that you're creating art and that it's speaking to you. Thanks for checking in on 80. I love mid-century modern art, a lot of the post WWII American artists rank as my favorite. I also have a soft spot for certain impressionists as well. Kai Samuel-Davis and Lynn Boggess are two of my favorite current artist that paint landscapes or portraits.

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