Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Astral Plane

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Valerie June | "Astral Plane" | The Order of Time

Is there a light?
You have inside you
Can't touch

A looking glass 
Can only show you
So much

Follow the signs
Slowly but steady
Don't rush

The day will come
When you are ready
Just trust

Is there a way?
For you to shine
Without fear

From other worlds 
But you can't say
What keeps you here

Is there a way?
For you to give it
Your all

Dreaming a dream
Of sweeter things great 
Or Small

Dancing on the astral plane 
Holy water, cleansing rain
Floating through the stratosphere
Blind, but yet you see so clear

There is a light
You have inside you
Can touch

Valerie's words are hymnal-like. Her poetic positivity makes me feel more than expected. "Astral Plane" registers with me. I would like to thank her for making me feel, and for telling me that I have a light. Thank you Valerie June. Here's to dancing on the Astral Plane and striving to shine our light. 


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