Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Brew Detective: Hollow Moon

Hollow Moon IPA
Hen House, one of Sonoma County's best breweries, has yet again crafted a very tasty beer. Hollow Moon is another of their outstanding IPA's. Not only do they brew top-notch pale ales, IPA's and Saisons, their branding is just awesome. Much of the art adorning their four packs are some of the best in the business. Hollow Moon and Frozen Envelope are two of my favorites in flavor and artistically.

Hollow Moon weighs in at 6.7% and is brewed with Sorachi Ace and Mosaic hops. The nose is both fruity and hop forward. The blending of those characteristics is done flawlessly, neither is dominant, they work in cooperation. There is a particular fruit nuance I can't quite place, pear perhaps? The lushness of the fruit is matched perfectly by the hop profile that prevails without being too resinous or piny. Pouring a cloudy, hay-yellow, the top is adorned by a nice foam. Mango and toasted coconut are tasting notes that the brewer gives in its description. I can get behind the mango nuance, I didn't taste the toasted coconut however. Look for Hen House at local North Bay grocers.

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