Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Brew Detective: Mikkeller Bar SF

Hallo Ich Bin & Fruit Face
If you live in or near San Francisco, or for that matter LA and San Diego, do yourself a favor and visit Mikkeller Bar. Indulgence is a given, their amazing food and libations, put simply, sets a new standard. The two of us were wowed by all of the gluttonous goods we consumed. Mikkeller Bar is an oasis, literally. As you wonder whether or not you're in the right place, you approach the oversized red hanging sign, just go inside and begin purging yourself of the City's detritus.  

It just so happened to be a day to celebrate, so we kind of went off. Starting with two Mikkeller SD offerings, we opted for the raspberry Hallo Ich Bin Berliner Weisse and Fruit Face. Hallo is a deliciously tart wheat ale that punches with flavor, leaving room with a low ABV of 3.7%. Another Berliner, Fruit Face is brewed with dragonfruit, passionfruit and pink guava—another round was in order. This funk-forward, fruit-backed session is amazing and weighs in at a slender 4%.

Fruit Face & Simcoe Eyes
We moved on from the Weisse's and went for a Mikkeller Chill Pils Orange. A pilsner-style ale brewed with, you guessed it, orange. Talk about a summer crusher at an easygoing 4.7%. We tried Mikkeller SD California Dream next. California Dream is a pilsner brewed with Galaxy, Simcoe and Amarillo hops. At only 4.2% I could have knocked these flavorful dreams back all day, but alas, there were more taps to try. Hopping right along (see what I did there), Simcoe Eyes had been whispering to me from the moment I read the description on the draft list. There are multitudes of hop varietals now in circulation, Simcoe is definitely tried and true. Mikkeller went ahead a brewed a hazy New England-style IPA with just one type of hop. The result is a beer that looks juicy, but tastes like an IPA (6.5%). I've been digging the unfiltered vibe, change is good. It was unimaginable not long ago, to question whether the west coast would have to adjust in regards to IPA production. Again, change is good. I wish I had been able to bring some of this home. 

Draft beer isn't the only heavenly indulgence coming from Mikkeller Bar, the back of the house is cooking it up too yo. The salt and pepper fries are a must. We've all ate fries a million times, but you haven't had fries like these. If Caesar salad is a fresh option you typically enjoy, then you should most certainly rock the Dill Caesar with sour Rye croutons. Who'd a thunk dill could be so down with Caesar? If poultry is something you're into to, definitely add the house-smoked chicken, it's  succulence is matched by the perfect amount of smokiness. Don't stop there, you have to have the Mac n Cheese. It's probably the best restaurant-made M&C I've ever had, and I'm a self-appointed connoisseur of M&C. Please just try it. There's Monterey Jack, Parmesan Reggiano, Danish fontina and Pt. Reyes Blue covering the elbow noodles, which comes to you in a piping hot cast iron skillet.

Don't forget to check out the funk cellar downstairs. Most people just use the restrooms and fail to even notice the other hidden gem within this hideout. Hopefully this review will coerce you into experiencing Mikkeller Bar, because that's what it is, an experience. Enjoy.


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