Monday, August 14, 2017

Brew Detective: Hen House FROZEN ENVELOPE

Frozen Envelope » Hen House 
Brewers at Hen House are always up to something, beer fans of the North Bay are the lucky consumers. On July 18th, in the summer of 2017, Hen House canned a pretty awesome IPA. This India Pale Ale was given a name, Frozen Envelope. The inspiration, artwork, and beer, all get an A-plus. Hopefully the photo does the can-art some justice. I mean, there's a chicken wearing old school Adidas sneakers next to a basketball, with "The Angel of Stern" looming in the background, holding the envelope. The envelope for which this beer is named, and strongly-rumored to have landed the New York Knicks, Patrick Ewing in the 1985 NBA Draft. 

Lush pineapple juice hits your nose once cracked open and snouting about. The opaque liquid packs a voluminous punch of hops, even if it looks a bit like fresh-pressed apple juice. Be aware of the heavy sediment at the bottom. These hop-bombs are to be enjoyed within 21 days of canning. Again, the taste is all IPA with a heavy hop character.

Idaho 7 and Ahntanum hops somewhat bully the cooperative Conan yeast. This possible onetime IPA was available at the Hen House tap room in Santa Rosa. Local grocers were supplied with pint-sized four-packs (I gave a pack as a gift and kept one). If you've been lucky enough to hold a Frozen Envelope, it sure feels good knowing you picked the right one. Drink responsibly. 6.2% abv


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