Friday, June 23, 2017

So Far So Good 2017

So Far So Good 2017
Summer has risen, its hot sun already pushing us into submission. Spread your proverbial wings and fly. Music is always a good companion. For years now, I have been giving a breakdown of my favorite records. I slice this process in two—So Far So Good drops each June and So Good So Far shows up in November. 

Here are the albums that have won me over thus far in 2017. Consuming more music than the list outlines, I try to keep this running tab at six, sometimes with a couple of honorable mentions. Then, in the second installment, I compile the complete year of music to create a best-of, bakers dozen.

The list below is in order of release date. Enjoy summer with some great tunes, a vacation or road trip, and some cold beverages. Stay cool.


Nikki Lane | Highway Queen
songwriting, collaboration, good tunes...send the sun & muddy waters

Spoon | Hot Thoughts
Austin's finest is back at it, great melodies, lyricism, very spoon-esque yet new...can I sit next you"

Timothy Seth Avett as Darling | IV
honest songwriting, contemplative, relatable, one of my favorite songs...should we move

Future Islands | The Far Field 
great album, it's thematic and complete, it captivates right away—luring you in... Ran & Cave

Kendrick Lamar | DAMN.
probably my favorite album thus far, it makes you think, gut check, DAMN. be HUMBLE.

SZA | Ctrl 
hip hop/R&B, new to the scene, honest wordplay, there's doubt & empowerment, garden & anything

honorable mention: Benjamin Booker | Witness & Kevin Morby | City Music

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