Saturday, January 28, 2017

The Year of the Rooster

The Rooster reigns. Saturday, January 28th, marks the start of the Chinese calendar. Every year is represented by one of 12 amazing creatures (I'm partial toward the Dog, Monkey, and of course, Rabbit). The lunar new year, or spring festival as it's also called, is observed by more than just China. There are 15 days that carry with it ritual; traditional foods, symbolic items, such as red envelopes and festivities, are key components to the celebration.

The year of the rooster will also mark a departure of sorts for this digital journal (or blog). There will be far fewer posts. However, topics such as The Besty's, So Far So Good and So Good So Far, along with my year-end review of my favorite beer, will continue to surface. With a new year comes change. I'll be posting one more extremely important January event and then...on to the future. Thanks for tuning in. Adios for now.


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