Monday, December 19, 2016

PUBlication: Six Pack

Beer—A Holiday Tradition!
Over the past handful of years I've been digitally documenting some of my hobbies and guilty pleasures. Craft beer is one of those indulgences; thanks if you've been paying any attention. The Brew Detective is back, offering a year end roundup of my favorite oat sodas and barley pops. I was fortunate to visit some amazing beer towns this year. The selections below were enjoyed on draft (~), or at the brewery (*). Have fun this holiday season and be safe. Unfortunately there's not a good sarsaparilla.


~ Central Coast Brewing | Kiwi a la Tarte | San Luis Obispo, CA 

~ Half Moon Bay | Strawberry Rhubarb | Half Moon Bay, CA 

* Wicked Weed Brewing | Tropic Most Gose | Asheville, NC 

* Wicked Weed Brewing | ROY G BIV | Asheville, NC

* Burial Beer Co. | Hibiscus Gose | Asheville, NC

~ Appalachian Mountain Brewery | Spoaty Oaty Pale | Boone, NC

* Oakshire Brewing | Cucumber Berliner Weisse | Eugene, OR

Looking for something to bring home on the regular? Perhaps a heady six pack, or god forbid, a four pack. Look for these if you live near the brewer, or in an area with tasty choices. Drink responsibly. 'Bottles and cans and just clap your hands.'

• Blackberry Gose | St. Archer | 6 pack
Bike Party Pils | Sudwerk | 6 pack
• El Sully | 21st Amendment | 6 pack
• Cucumber Berliner Weisse | Oakshire | 6 pack
• Tropic Most Gose | Wicked Weed | 4 pack
• Festina PĂȘche | Dogfish Head | 4 pack


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