Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Always Believe

"Fifty-two years. Longest Title drought of any major U.S. city. Game 7 was the chance to end that misery. A chance to be the first ever to come back from a 3-1 deficit... Knotted up at 89-89 with under two minutes to play, the opposition's fast break appeared to be history repeating itself... LeBron had a different ending in mind as he came out of nowhere—"The Block"—a physics defying play that changed Cleveland sports forever. The fulfillment of LeBron's promise was closer than ever, but the game was still tied. Enter Kyrie Irving. The sticky-handled guard who gets buckets had prepared for this moment. The possession was his and his alone. Down went the dagger 3. When the final buzzer sounded and the team erupted in celebration; the world could now understand. The victory was more than a title. It was the culmination of a fifty-two year struggle. It was redemption. It was destiny."

-nike snkrs

Opening Night in the NBA. 

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