Thursday, September 15, 2016

PUBlication: Revolution No. 003

Firestone Walker | No. 003
The third creation from Firestone Walker's Revolving Hop Series is juicy, clean and crisp. Revolution No. 003 strongly resembles an American IPA, even if the dominant hop is from Germany. Pop the top and breathe in what an IPA is capable of. 

Two traits are pronounced as the fluid ounces leave the bottle. Visually, a pillowy head floats atop the tropical aroma. I'm under the assumption that this Luponic Distortion is filtered; the transparency is so clean. It reminds me of a rare golden nugget, magnified and made to shine under the crystal clear waters of a river. My palate was rushed with succulent fruit. Mango and lychee came to mind, as did the slightest hint of bubble gum. Both color and flavor remind me of summer. This is one of the better IPA's I've had in awhile. Revolution No. 003 is a primo example of how the wheel can be reinvented. This delectable nectar is available on draft or in the bottle through November. Drink responsibly. 5.9% | 59 IBU


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