Tuesday, August 2, 2016

PUBlication: Festina Pêche

Festina Pêche | Neo-Berliner Weisse
Dogfish Head has concocted a next level type of beer with the Festina Pêche. Initially your nose is put to the test with a bit of funk; it softens up after a second or two. There's also great bubbling action that occurs once poured, creating a soft head that slowly bubbles off. A hazy straw-yellow hue also pleases the senses.

When this unique ale hits your mouth, taste buds are awakened. The Pêche is a bit slippery but still dry. Being a bit murky may enable this Berliner Weisse's lingering flavor—either that, or it's the lactic cultures it's brewed with in addition to ale yeast. The peach is subtle, working in cooperation with its tart character. Festina Pêche is available on draft and in four packs. I suggest enjoying this amazing creation while summer's still warm (if not hot). Enjoy responsibly. 4.5% | 8 IBU 


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