Saturday, August 20, 2016

PUBlication: Blackberry Gose

Saint Archer | Blackberry Gose
Saint Archer is brewing some nice things inside of their San Diego tanks. I've long been a fan of their work in craft beer; I don't hate just because someone got paid. Another one of their specialty beers has grabbed my attention, this time it's Blackberry Gose. A summery and session-approved ale that packs a flavorful punch, without punching you out. The funk is where it's at. 

The opening smell is prolific. Color and flavor spar after the pour. A fruit, flesh-like brandy tone glows like a candle behind stained glass. Carbonation claims a supporting role. A fluffy head vanishes and the funk regains your attention. The fruit is indirect, making me wonder if they intentionally, and wisely, added berries that weren't quite ripe yet, making it snappier. Blackberry Gose (4%) is a limited release. Find a six pack and enjoy.


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