Saturday, August 27, 2016

Oregon is Calling Me (part 1)

Pacific City, OR
Oregon has less people and is less expensive, it also has a similar climate and comparable culture. So when are we moving? I love northern California, but Oregon is calling me. Imagine if you will, that the Great Lakes area of northern Minnesota and Wisconsin had a baby with California, and that baby was on steroids, that's Oregon. After spending 10 days in the Pacific Northwest, an old post for us, new shit has come to light. Eugene and Portland played the roles of mid-major and "big" city host. The rest of the time was spent in the lush greenery in the towns that hide west of the I-5, or along the coast. Highway 20 set the first impressions; later it was places such as Newport, Lincoln City, Otter Rock, Whale Cove, Siletz Bay, Pacific City and Tillamook that grabbed hold. Did I mention you can drive on the beaches and that the river's don't go dry in the summer?

Our first home base was Eugene. We were in town for the first of two weddings. Our amazing friends, who are truly more like family, hosted us upon arrival. It should be noted that we do visit Eugene fairly often—Ducks games in the fall, winter holiday trips and summer weddings. I've always felt at ease, perhaps at home in Eugene. It's got everything you need but isn't too busy. Nature is all around you and the amenities of the downtown are top notch. There is no shortage of good food or beer. Local shops line the streets, it feels vibrant because people are doing things, in all facets. The abundance of athletes and active living is highly visible. Driven in large part by the University, a symbol for camaraderie and initiative. I feel as though I fit in, or maybe it's the community that suits me.

Beyond the landscape's obvious beauty; Oregon has an authentic personality and an adaptable pace to its quality of life—shit's real. People are friendly, more polite and even engaging, sometimes when  you least expect it (I'll get to that later). Oregon is calling me...


Part 2 of Oregon is Calling Me will focus on breweries, bars and small businesses that stood out during our adventure. And why pickle ball and hoops are the best sports to play while on vacation, kayaking's not too bad either.


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