Monday, June 27, 2016

PUBlication: Asheville (part 1)

828 Graffiti 
Asheville, the best little big town their side of the Mississippi? After having spent an amazing week, culminating with a wonderfully decadent wedding, our old stomping grounds have since changed, yet are still deserving of high praise. The week leading up to Father's Day made downtown feel almost too busy. Thankfully our great hosts took us in and helped us to explore that which we knew, and that which was new. Asheville's economy seems to be booming. Three super-cranes were in the downtown, erecting towers for the people and cars. 

Our first full day was filled with some gluttony. Vortex Doughnuts were brought to us at breakfast—inside the newly built home of our friends, which is outstanding by the way—and Taco Billy for lunch. Each place was crushing what they do best. We also went down along the French Broad River to scope the graffiti co-op. Let's just say the aerosol game in the 828 is strong. Later that afternoon our adventure led us to Wicked Weed Brewing. This libation station was not around when we were in town, but I'm sure glad they're there now. Wicked Weed's brew is on lock—delicious on many fronts. Their infrastructure/design aesthetic was appealing too. No messing around from this establishment; tucked in next to the Orange Peel conveniently. We lucky three, who drank from the funkatorium and beyond, had a good old time. 

We took down multiple tasting flights and a couple of others from the pint. Due to our mildly copious consumption, I'll limit my rambling review to three favorites. Roy G. Biv was an otherworldly ale the dutifully embraces its name, taste the rainbow. Roy's subtle nose opens up to a snappy mouth feel. An airy head appears. The first taste is dangerous, because it made me want to down it. Potency is hidden by an illustrious list of yum: cactus water, passion fruit, pineapple, blood orange and Jasmine flowers. Roy rounds at 7.2%. Give me more!

Wicked Weed Brewing | Asheville, NC
Next up was perhaps my favorite ale of the entire trip—the Tropic Most Gose. This all-time tasty ale had an immensely fruity nose, it surprises you. I liked every nuance along the way. Both of the beautiful ladies tasting with me remarked, "summer beer extraordinaire." Passion Fruit prevails in the slightest over the entirety of the bouquet. The clarity of bright canary-yellow nectar reveals itself to be tart, let me say that again, tart. Of all traits, fresh is a label all beer makers clamor to achieve. The Tropic Most Gose is fresh. Five stars and only 4.1%, so drink up and do so responsibly. 

The third concoction to make this PUBlication list is the Brettanomyces Farmhouse Ale with peaches (6.2%). Oh My! They sold this amazing ale in the bottle. All told, I think we downed two of their 500ML bottles on top of what we took down in house. Imagine the creative possibilities of the Brett strain, coupled to the sweetness peaches; a match made in fermentation heaven. Wicked Weed is a must for any beer fan when in Asheville. 

Check back in the coming days to read more on the bounty of Western North Carolina. Upcoming installments of the Asheville PUBlication will focus on Lake Lure and Chimney Rock, The Rhu, Harvest Records, as well as, Hi-Wire Brewing, Burial Beer Co. and more...


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