Monday, April 4, 2016

PUBlication: 6 Hop IPA

Ground to glass—I love it. Rogue beer has always stood out, now their farming skills are beginning to flex their might too. I recently picked up a 22oz. of their farm grown 6 Hop IPA. The early nose is resinous and dank. Those same profiles show up on the front end of your palate as well. As I continued drinking it I noticed an almost wine-like quality. Perhaps it's the Pacman yeast. There's a late subtlety that gives off a tangerine aftertaste. I realize now that I should have bought more.

The first pour is a bit cloudy, but the last pour is a murky yellow-gold. Again, this attribute may be created by the yeast, or the mix of roasted and non-roasted McKercher wheat. The unfiltered characteristic is a welcomed site for the senses. A formidable foamy head is present each time this ale hits the glass. This complex IPA would pair well with burgers or with earthy/zesty kabobs off the grill. Look for this and other multi-hopped IPA's from the Rogue Farms of Oregon. Get your hands on this before they're gone. Enjoy responsibly. 6.6% | 87 IBU


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