Friday, November 20, 2015


American money and Tennessee honey sounds good coming from the voice of Børns, a Michigander who found his way to LA to record his first album. Dopamine was released a little over a month ago. Catchy riffs and some nearly immaculate vocals are timeless staples for any pop song, he's crafted an album of melodies braided to lyricism. Dopamine is a conduit between 80's synth-pop and the undertones that are shaping the shoe-gazing sub genre of indie rock. Think one part Tame Impala, a dose of Alt-J and a dash of Lorde (I hope that concoction doesn't dissuade). Highlights on this eleven track offering include, "Electric Love," "American Money," and "Holy Ghost." Maybe you have tickets to the sold out show at The Independent in San Francisco this Sunday. Enjoy.

BØRNS | "American Money"


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