Wednesday, October 21, 2015

PUBlication: Son of Wrath

PUBlication: Son of Wrath
Let's raise a glass to those with hops, basketball players, Pip our bunny, or double IPA's that make you taste what you're drinking. Dust Bowl Brewing out of Turlock, CA has been crafting a super line of beers. The Therapist, Hops of Wrath, Hobo Pilsner and Stout are all delicious within their distinct genre. Recently my first Son of Wrath was had, a double IPA that I'd been waiting to indulge in. I love that Dust Bowl Brewing features a rabbit as part of their iconic branding. I have a huge soft spot for Lagomorphs (aka rabbits, hares and pikas). With that said this robust DIPA packs a late punch into a malt backed, five hop medley.

Son of Wrath has a remarkably soft nose considering that Galaxy, Centennial and Columbus hops make up the majority of the hop-bill. There is a delicately thin head that appears briefly before disappearing almost entirely. The color resembles an orange-like, melted caramel. Up front the taste is milder than expected—most likely due to the malt profile balancing amidst the hops. Brace yourself however for the late hitting bitterness on the back end. Turn it wrong side up, responsibly. The Son of Wrath is both smooth and wild, just like a rabbit. 9.5 % | 92 IBUs


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