Saturday, July 18, 2015

PUBlication: Hops of Wrath

Hops of Wrath | Dust Bowl Brewing Co.
Those at Dust Bowl Brewing know how to embrace legacy. Their flagship IPA, Hops of Wrath is a delicious staple found in our local market. Trust me, it tastes good. Besides, it's inspired by the families who moved west

When cracked open you get that distinct IPA nose, yet it's not too bold. Once poured, the clean golden hue produces a faint aroma from the malt character. The resulting head showcases the nice level of carbonation. It's mildly sweet on the palette and smooth on the back end. It's subtlety is its strong point—even with five varieties of hops. I mean come on, with a name like Hops of Wrath. As the good people at Dust Bowl like to say, Turn it wrong side up...responsibly6.6% | 50 IBUs


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