Friday, May 1, 2015

May Day

This weekend is packed with things to do. Whether you want to get out and enjoy the beauty of northern California, or perhaps relax at home with a bevy of sporting events, there's something for everyone on May 2nd. Check out the list below.

Festival of Feathers - The third annual Festival of Feathers,  hosted by the Bird Rescue Center, as wells as their 21 resident raptors, takes place in Santa Rosa and runs from 11am-3pm.

Boonville Beer Fest - Let the debauchery commence. This annual first camping trip marks the 19th anniversary of the Legendary Boonville Beer Festival. I'll be attending this party, so a follow-up review is in order. Drink responsibly and Enjoy

Sneaker Con - Sneaker heads beware—you will spend money. Richmond's Craneway Pavilion hosts this touring collection of kicks. It Runs from 11am-6pm.

The Kentucky Derby - The most exciting two minutes in sports is always at Churchill Downs. With an anticipated start time of 3:24pm PT, get ready to watch the deepest field in years. I'll be drinking beers while listening to, "and down the stretch they come!"

Clippers v. Spurs (Game 7) - Post the big horse race you can continue to veg-out on sports with the best first round match-up the NBA has seen in quite sometime. It's too bad that one of these teams will be done, but damn it's been entertaining. The game kicks of at 5pm PT.

Mayweather v. Pacquiao  - MGM - Las Vegas - 8:30pm PT. This is the biggest fight in years. What more can you want? It looked as though Mayweather was sending straight beat-down laser beams at Manny. He was all business. The MGM Grand was pro Pacquiao to my surprise. After watching the weigh-in live, I think Floyd's 'bout to go medieval. Money v. Pac Man. Go Money! U.S.A. 

Mezzanine - For a late-night capper the Mezzanine is offering up some beats in the form of Griz and The Floozies. This Party's sure to run late. Have fun this weekend and be safe.


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