Monday, April 6, 2015

PUBlication: Grapefruit Sculpin

Ballast Point Brewing Co. | Grapefruit Sculpin | IPA
San Diego, aka San Dog, is a wonderful city with a long term weather forecast that makes the rest of the country jealous. By virtue of being so geographically blessed, the residents of San Dog brew some of the best beer in America. Ballast Point is a pillar among the plethora of top-notch breweries—go ahead and try to visit every brewpub within the city limits in a weekend, I dare you. 

One of their year round jewels is Sculpin, a five-stage hopped IPA that has won awards, and more importantly, inspires one to love craft beer. Rounding out at 7% ABV, this tasty adult beverage is worthy of inquiry. Ballast Point also brews a Grapefruit Sculpin, which quite frankly, is ridiculous. Grapefruit Sculpin is one of the best beers out of the bottle. The lush citrus communicates perfectly with the bouquet of hops. It's not too sweet, it's not to bitter, it's just perfect. There's also a Habanero Sculpin, for those that want some heat, it doubles as an amazing base for soups and chili's. I recommend having a supply of this fascinating ale.

Nice weather helps to conjure up the hankering for a good beer. I suggest Grapefruit Sculpin, maybe it will make its way into your fridge. Drink Responsibly. 



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