Thursday, February 12, 2015

PUBlication: Pliny the Younger

Pliny the Younger | RRBC
Russian River Brewing Company released Pliny the Younger on February 6th. Annually this limited monster gets tons of hype, rightfully so. Luckily I got a chance to sip on this tasty draught this past Tuesday—it's who you know. The scene on fourth street has turned into a bit of a circus over the past few years, so much so, that the line to get in wraps around the block. Or you have friends in high places and swoop in through the back.

This year's Younger was very fruity up front and in the nose. It still had that toughness in the mouth, engaged by the seven varietals of hops loaded into this triple IPA. The finish is amazingly smooth, considering the ABV is 10.25%. Leisurely paces are encouraged with this beast of a beer, a pint of water per pour doesn't hurt either. Slower is a term I attached to this 11th annual Younger batch. By that I mean, all of its traits unfold a bit slower, it's not so in your face. The River did an awesome job of creating a more balanced, brighter Pliny the Younger, without sacrificing the punch it has become known for. Those who get in are limited to three Youngers or three hours...

If you do make your way to the brewery, be sure to taste some of their other fine offerings. For starters, both the STS Pilsner and the Simcoe hopped Row 2 pale ale, are a must-have. I recommend knocking back a Parking Violation, an in-house IPA they had not brewed in some six years—it's one of my favorites. Russian River Brewing Company is truly at the forefront of inventive and award wining craft beers. They rightfully deserve every accolade, as their reputation continues to swell. Enjoy SF Beer Week responsibly. 


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