Friday, January 23, 2015

No Cities to Love

No Cities To Love | Sleater-Kinney
Sleater-Kinney should be measured in power, akin to the horsepower of a car—they know how to go. Their latest record, No Cities to Love, basically destroys the music scene right now and says, what 10 year break? They begin with a peddle-to-the-metal number named, "Price Tag." Next comes "Fangless," a song with a catchy beat and snappy drum section— it's Tucker's familiar vocals that drive it however. The next track, "Surface Envy," unleashes itself onto the listener, not asking for permission. The chorus of, 'We win, we lose, only together do we break the rules,' feels like an order being given. "No Anthems" is a reverb drenched thunderhead, a precursor to the storm ahead. It has a creepy under current, in a good way. The final track, "Fade," asks lyrical questions that are real. The inquiries lead me to wanting more, regardless of the void they just filled. Sleater-Kinney has a relentless approach, it reminds us just how good they are. Rock and roll was made for artists like them. If you're interested in checking out their upcoming tour click here. No Cities to Love is available now.


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