Thursday, May 22, 2014

Hollow Wood

Their moniker uses a word that elicits a nothingness. Hollow Wood (Boise's own) provides listeners access to creations of substance, capable of enduring. Regardless of youth, we all experience. Hollow Wood has the ability to press the beauty out of folk and the cleanliness from a choir, while still being able to strike at you, reminiscent of when rock and roll was new. They're intellectual and the everyman simultaneously. Their quality obscures the fact that most fail at what they're finding success in. They've acquired a pure sound, turning work into emotional energy. The unbridled chant of, we all got bored, is what the modern hashtag is predicated on. Instead of buying in, Hollow Wood became the commodity. Songs that make us feel something is the addictive drug in music. Thanks for reminding us that this world is just way too strong.

Hollow Wood | "Little Bird" | In Studio Session

Catch them at the Monterey Americana Festival on June 28th, or at High Sierra on July 3rd.


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