Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Lion Whisperer

Through Kevin's unique relationship with predators, he aims to grab people's attention regarding the plight of Lions.
Restore and preserve habitat, humans have enough. Kevin Richardson is known to the world as a lion whisperer. His interactions go well beyond whispering, he listens. His level of care and engagement cannot go unnoticed. Who else on earth gets lovingly tackled/hugged by the king of the jungle? His friendship with the beasts of Africa are jaw dropping and otherworldly. Actually they are of this world, it's just too bad more humans don't recognize that earth is not solely ours. We are to blame, no other species is as heinous as the homo sapien (Latin for "wise man"). Stewards we should be, sensitive and aware, willing to share the grandeur and the resources that all life requires to exist.

Kevin is an example for us all. Hero is a word fit for such a man. Everyday I am thankful for our diverse animal and plant kingdoms. Life without nature would be beyond sterile. It's up to us to conserve our natural bio-systems, habitats and ecosystems. Earth doesn't need us, we need it, and a world void of natural wonderment and diversity could lead to our demise. We are no better than the creatures of the wild. We rely on them, while also taking advantage of them and their surroundings at an unprecedented pace. Since we invented the golden rule, we may want to extend that courtesy to the animal kingdom. How come we're the only mammal in the billions?

Below is a video of true inspiration, just don't miss out on the greater message. Thank You Kevin Richardson for giving the animals a voice, and by virtue, a chance.


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