Monday, March 10, 2014

...never blames his Tool

Tool tour hits San Francisco, March 11 & 12.
Tool, currently on the west coast touring, has been targeting older songs regardless of a rumored new album. They kick-started things in Spokane and have been primarily playing the same songs at each performance, changing only the order in which they are played. Selections such as, Forty-six and 2, Schism, Stink-fist, AEnema, B'Boom (King Crimson cover), Lateralus, Jambi, Pushit, Intension, and Hooker with a ..., have shown up repeatedly. In an attempt to "hide" the band, they're accompanied by streams of imagery splashed in laser beams and confetti. Tool returns to the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium tomorrow night.

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  1. I think Lateralus is the best Tool album. Really love its cover design and I even got their
    Tool Lateralus Album Poster - it looks amazing on the wall! (and trippy though :)