Monday, December 2, 2013

Solo, a Jeff Tweedy Tour

Jeff Tweedy is en route to the Pacific coast, alone on stage, adrift in the art that feeds us all. His solo tours are to be experienced with an acceptance of his singularity, as an artist and as a person. These will be his shows. I for one like his honest candor and criticism that are laced into and out of the songs. In preparation for this solo tour, I journeyed back in time via the Wilco Road-Case. A couple of years back, Jeff played an almost unfair show to the people of Boulder. (Listen to the entire show here). In a nod to the seasons, here are some lyrics from Laminated Cat (aka Not For the Season), which was first a Loose Fur tune.

candy left over from halloween / a unified theory of everything / love left over from lovers leaving
books they all know / they're not worth reading

it's not for the season

when autumns comes / you sit in your chair / and you stare / at the tv square / hiding in the deep end / weeding out your weekends

winter comes / and the day all start late / there's motion on the boughs / where the dark shapes prowl / feeling all the feeling / feeling out the feeling

Below are two selections of Jeff performing solo tracks elsewhere. They give you an idea of who you're dealing with. The first, Open Mind, is a beautiful track more recently penned on, The Whole Love. The eery guitar, pedaling its elongated concern, coupled with Jeff's words, seemingly steal from us all the scenes of life. "If you would let me be the one to open up your mind."

I love hearing, "I'll take you, anywhere. Let's go out together. Broad daylight in the street. I'll take you over anything." The track below is actually titled, Radio King. This originally appeared on, Down By the Old Mainstream (1996), the first LP Golden Smog put out. He co-wrote this with Gary Louris. One could argue that this was once the best song he had written. The Golden Smog record was released between the critical indifference of A.M. (1995) and Being There (1996).

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