Monday, June 10, 2013

Red Tail Ring

Perhaps more so than ever great folk music is being made, it just doesn't get the listening audience it deserves. American music is amazing, you just have to investigate beyond the top 40 lists and MTV garbage. Thanks to the musicians who crave the art of the song and the quality care it takes to craft true songs, we are lead to such newly minted music steeped in tradition. Red Tail Ring is folk with 'old time roots & new time sounds'. It's likely that this duo's knack for songwriting has them well on their way to telling stories to the masses that matter. Dare I say they are tapping into the magic of Gillian and David. I sure hope their twang and harmony are given a chance to saturate your porch. It's hard not to like something like this. They sound like summer and feel like history in its current state. Two voices, a guitar and a fiddle sure creates a sound that is both fierce and delicate. Thanks to all of the working musicians who remain unplugged. Body Like a Bell can be found on their latest Earthwork Music release, The Heart's Swift Foot.

These Michiganders will be plucking their stuff throughout the Great Lakes. If you're fortunate to live along their route I suggest you lend them your ears. Here are tour dates for Red Tail Ring.


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