Monday, March 11, 2013

industrial - modern - beautiful

the new Aether store in hayes valley epitomizes the creativity that goes into reshaping a modern space. this type of ambition showcases the ability to re-think what an object can be, regardless of its original purpose. it's sleek, it has its own identity and it forces, ever so artistically, the dialogue of a neighborhood. i really enjoy the simplicity of its construction (it would be equally easy to disassemble). leaving less of a foot print really caters to the art of constant change within a city (the demands of resources versus continued population growth). perhaps these thoughts can bleed their way back into the mantra of building in general. who knows what our future homes and skylines will look like?

below is a video that shines a light on the laborers, craftsmen, operators and engineers who make this seem so seamless. creative thought, elbow grease and the ability to see beyond the monotony cannot be be discounted, nor purchased. well...maybe. enjoy.

if this type of design and architecture pleases your senses, check out Envelope A+D. another name in the hat is Thierry Gaugain. all of the metal for this project was provided by Chris French. it's definitely worth noting that all of the construction was sourced locally in the bay.


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