Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Yo La Tengo

Fade was released earlier in the new year and i'm stoked on how great this album is. it feels as if Yo La Tengo has re-tapped into their yesteryear sounds, while freshening it up simultaneously. i'm particularly fond of the opening track Ohm (video below), as well as the third track, Well You Better. ten crafty songs knit their way into a tidy 46 minutes. the time line should not discourage you, Fade is not lacking. one of new jersey's finest has once again created a record that allows us to look out, into the everything, from their keen point of view. they are currently on tour and will be playing a free show at amoeba's in san francisco this saturday, january 19th, at 3pm!

if you're really digging on the track shown above, check out this link and click on tweak.

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