Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Leap Year

do ya thing. when you have an extra day it doesn't always feel very extra. so here's a little something for you. leave it up to Murdoc, 3000 & james murphy to drop a new track in collaboration with converse sneakers... thanks for keeping it out there Gorillaz.

take a chance, have some fun, do your thing; here's to leap year 2012, the year of the dragon.



  1. I didn't even hear the music the first time, I was so interested in the weird animation story.

    The song was fun too on the second time around...

    These guys know how to take it "out there."

  2. Yes, yes Jamie Hewlett (the bands co-creator) is a talent to be reckoned with. This vid. Was posted as a free download back in feb. on the converse site. Haven't seen any of the converse gorillaz shoes that where suppose to be released yet though.