Wednesday, May 19, 2010

travel, explore, listen...

after having some great friends visit me from afar, i realized that this nation & our pursuit of self through journeying, is inextricably linked to our country's majestic nature. the natural spaces of this country are worth more than any human derived wealth the world over.
john muir was a pioneer on so many levels, he's an inspiration. he was closer to being one with nature, more akin to the thought processes of the native americans. without individuals like him, we would never have the gift of national parks. he was experiencing the pristine world surrounding him. thank you for opening up this nation's consciousness to the outdoors & helping to preserve it. no where else in the world do you have such priceless tracts of land being owned by the populous, only here, in america.
i sometimes wish that i was on a nonstop journey, filled with awe & becoming connected to what is truly real. upon reflection, i remind myself that life is this great journey. we all need to spend more time appreciating our natural wonders & national parks. the native lands untouched by manifest destiny & the people of america are our greatest assets. we are so blessed to live in such a diverse world. those of us in CA are especially rich in nature. go out & find yourself, get lost, or talk to the trees & rocks as you walk through purity, as john muir did. there is more of us, in the outdoors, than in all the rest of the material world. the journey is the destination.
if you have an opportunity to view ken burns, the national parks: america's best idea, i strongly suggest viewing it. this is a snippet of its offerings.


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