Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Bed (1955)
one of my favorite artist, if not, is robert rauschenberg. this amazing artist worked in a myriad of mediums and chose not to fall victim to the idiot reviews & harsh criticism that was levied against him early in his career. the result is both amazing and priceless. his merging of painting with sculpture, laid way for his combines, which are stark reminders of his immense talent & courage. rauschenberg was quoted as saying he wanted to work, "in the gap between art & life." whether he was monochromatic painting, erasing de Kooning drawings, working as a window artist under the pseudonym, matson jones (with jasper johns), creating award winning album art for the talking heads (speaking in tongues), or interacting with the likes of cy twombly, jasper johns, merce cunningham, john cage & others; he seemed to cherish the idea, or value the thought of art, rather than just focusing on the completed piece. his ability to arouse such an array of thoughts & emotions through his work is a testament to how he created this art. i will never tire of his remarkable creations. in some weird way his art feels like a best friend, it inspires & continues to always give you more. i want to interact with his art, have lunch with them, or just sit with them in silence. thanks for inspiring me and my mind.

Monogram (1955-59)

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