Tuesday, March 2, 2010

laguna de santa rosa

Wildlife from Maggie Hart on Vimeo.

enjoy your local watershed... even amongst all the rain there are plenty of things to enjoy. area watersheds & river systems are gushing with rain water. not only is this recharging our water tables, it's allowing all the critters that love wet ecosystems to flourish. go kayaking, canoeing or birding. sonoma county's laguna de santa rosa is a mecca for observing waterfowl, such as american coots, double-crested cormorants, lesser scaups, grebes & ducks. yesterday, while on the laguna, i also observed a blackhawk. this was a total rarity, they typically reside in the southwest. another highlight was paddling directly under a bald eagle. as much as we are all hankering for spring, let's not forget to appreciate the importance of wet winters.

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  1. so true, I whine about the winter rain but definitely appreciate being able to water my veggies in the summer.