Wednesday, December 30, 2020

So, So... So Far (?0?0 edition)

Big winds of change continue barreling down, causing us to brace, to wake up to the inevitable that is confronting us; it's in our face. What will you do, to do what's right? Challenges are ominous yet able to be overcome. Together is how we bring love and awareness into the light. Obvious injustices and loss have rendered this year a depressed point on history's calendar, and perhaps on our own as well. Let's do our best to stay up. 

This year has changed us. If the world gets too heavy, remember to also care for yourself. Place yourself in sound and listen to the vibrations that will heal, inspire, or cause you to think. Music is constant and relentless in its abilities, so much so, that it can soothe our souls and even guide us into action.

Below is a short list of the music I've found captivating throughout the last five months. Back in August I dropped my first half list of favorites. Checkout these artists, maybe they'll catch your ear. Support live arts and performance venues if at all possible. Who doesn't long for concerts or a play? I'll stop rambling, here are the best tune makers of the 2nd half. Those with an * are my top picks. 

So, So... So Far 2020 \\\\

Jeff Tweedy - Love is the King \ These Songs: "Gwendolyn," "Bad Day Lately"

* Marika Hackman - Covers \ A favorite album from the year. "Playground Love," "All Night"

* Adrianne Lenker - Instrumentals \ Sharp, delicate, room for thought, all in two songs

Emily A. Sprague - Hill, Flower, Fog \ Imagery, coherent, portal-like, deeper than

Ana Roxanne - Because of a Flower \ Soft, induces listening, atmospheric, lucid, thematic

Leslie Mendelson - If You Can't Say Anything Nice... \ Talented, unheralded, capable, range

Nels Cline - Share the Wealth \ Depth, a willingness to go, frenzied yet measured

Justin Bieber - Changes \ He can sing, does Drake better than Drake, "Yummy"

Tobe Nwigwe - Cincoriginals \ Vision, purpose, immense creativity, timely, "Cujo," "Wildlings"

Best EP's \\\\

Yo La Tengo - Sleepless Night \ "It Takes A lot to Laugh, It Takes a Train to Cry"

* Tobe Nwigwe - Pandemic Project \ "I Need You To," "Try Jesus"

Experiencing music can be an outlet, here's to finding yours. Maybe some reflection will show that this year wasn't entirely terrible, and that some good was gleaned from the last twelve months. Have fun, stay safe, and be good to one another. There's only one way to go in the New Year — ahead.



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