Thursday, August 20, 2020

Brew Detective | Hen House | Stoked

I'm saddened to know what's happening in County Paradiso, as well as the surrounding counties I know and love. We know first hand the havoc being wrought. Big thoughts and much love goes out to all of California as it again deals with raging wild fires. The entire state is in flames. My heart is heavy and I will write this quick review as a reminder to the people, places and beauty that I love. I give my thoughts to the mastery and bravery of Cal Fire as they combat this breathing monster. I hope they remain safe as they pursue the safety of others. I love you California.

Hen House | Stoked | Single Hop Pale Ale

Some of the tastiest beer in Sonoma County is brewed by Hen House. Centennial Hops were used to brew this delicious pale ale. The pale, murky-yellow ale has a strong nose. Good carbonation and a lasting head combine to enhance aromas of hops and malt.  Taste and aromatics match up well. I was Stoked to score a four pack from a local bottle shop here in PDX. I hadn't seen a Hen House can in a minute. It made me nostalgic. I was glad to grab some. Now I'm just hoping for the best, for one of the best places on earth. Be safe California.

drink craft beer responsibly,

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