Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Brew Detective: Cult Classic Pale Ale | Ex Novo

Hollywood theatre is, er was, and will be again, the place to observe cinema in all it's splendor and excess. Ex Novo has brewed Cult Classic Pale Ale for Hollywood theatre much prior to this review, but recently I scored a four pack of pint cans, which supports both my favorite brewery and the best cinematic palace this side of the Williamette (honorable mention Bagdad Theater). Hopefully we'll get to satiate our souls through the small joys of interactive and participatory arts and activities.

Strong hop aroma is a bit biting and spicy. Beautiful amounts of carbonation drive upward, replenishing the fluffy head. Subtle bitterness is apparent early. The amber-gold pale ale glimmers with agricultural bounty. It's liquid art in honor of "Movie Madness." Rated 5.6% / Cult Classic Pale Ale is an easy choice indoors or out. Enjoy craft beer respectfully.


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