Monday, February 3, 2020

Magnanimous IPA | Fort George

Fort George may just be my favorite Oregon brewery. Their Magnanimous IPA is another benchmark in creativity, it can also be called a west coast IPA. This particular nectar is brewed with Grand Doug Fir. In our neck of the woods this delicious offering is available on draft and in four packs. I was lucky enough to score the latter. 

An absolutely awesome glow of marigold illuminates the glass. Streaming carbonation livens the liquid. Outstanding clarity heightens the senses as you take in the resounding taste—west coast style yo. The Grand Fir is subtle, acting as more of an enhancer. If you're in search for a new to you IPA, look no further than Magnanimous. Enjoy craft beer responsibly.

Magnanimous IPA | 7%


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