Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Brew Detective: Level Beer + Ground Kontrol Vintage Arcade

I've Got Next is a delicious collaboration that encourages us to, "place our quarter on the screen and crack open this hoppy pale ale while you wait for your buddy to crash and burn!" The coolest of pairings team up as Level Beer and Ground Kontrol vintage arcade, combine forces to craft a beer. I mean c'mon.

When you crack the pint can it releases an IPA-like smell. A great doughy head forms and the liquid itself is pretty much opaque. Once you taste it, it brings you back somehow to the deliciousness of a hop driven American pale ale, even though it looks like a juice bomb. It's light in color, perhaps due to the type or amount of malt. I've Got Next somehow lets everything happen gradually in the experience. I highly recommend scoring a four pack of these should you see it. It has something for everyone and registers in at 5.8%. Level up responsibly and don't forget quarters.



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